Technology Professional Development

Technology Professional Development

Technology & Media Services offers one-on-one and group support for teachers all throughout the school year as well as in the summer. Instructional technology activities qualify as professional development under section 1526 and section 1527 if the activity leads to new knowledge about using technology-enhanced methods and strategies to enhance student learning. This means you can schedule technology professional development before school, after school and on your prep and have it count toward your voluntary district provided PD hours (professional development that is being counted as instructional time as allowed by Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) Section 388.1701 Section 101(10), may only occur when students are not already receiving instruction). Request PD by (1) going to, (2) going to > STAFF > Request Tech PD or (3) contact Technology & Media Services directly. More...
David Montgomery Teacher Spotlight

David Montgomery! Teacher Spotlight!

In David Mongomery’s 5th grade classroom, students are learning about scientific methods in an entirely new way. Students perform a simulation of a clinical trial and analyze data through a hands on experiment in Google Classroom, a blended learning platform for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way. It was introduced as a feature of Google Apps for Education following its public release on August 12, 2014. More...
Julie Bungard Teacher Spotlight

Julie Bungard! Teacher Spotlight!

There are 47 countries currently represented within Glencairn’s classroom walls where every day is an extraordinary celebration of cultural diversity. Each classroom supports the growth of linguistically and culturally diverse learners in English education in its own unique way. This month’s teacher spotlight highlights Julie Bungard, an outstanding Glencairn teacher that has gone above and beyond to bring technology into the ELL classroom as a means of integrating rich cultural content into teaching. More...
Jennifer Bricarell Teacher Spotlight

Jennifer Bricarell! Teacher Spotlight!

Back in January, Jennifer Bricarell met with Andrew Shauver, Instructional Technology Specialist from Ingham ISD, to take a look at Osmo. Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your students play and learn. With some grant money available for her classroom, she was seeking an engaging new tool that would support student work during small group reading and math time. After spending some time playing around with Osmo, Jen found it to be very fun while also having a lot of higher and lower activities that seemed to be very engaging. More...
Marcy Sheldon Rachel Gehres Teacher Spotlight

Marcy Sheldon! Teacher Spotlight!

The March 2016 Technology & Media Services teacher spotlight highlights an amazing, fun new class management tool called Classcraft. Marcy Sheldon and Rachel Gehres share how they’ve used it to transform the feel of classroom management in their foreign language classrooms. WARNING: teachers should note that the level of student engagement caused by Classcraft’s pre-set powers and events may reach extreme levels. More...
Dominique Olivarez Teacher Spotlight

Dominique Olivarez! Teacher Spotlight!

This month’s teacher spotlight shares a story from Dominique Olivarez’s MacDonald Middle School classroom. Together with MacDonald Librarian, Lynley Watters, Dominique and her class worked together to use Aurasma to create book reviews. More...

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