Nancy Artman

I have been in the field of education since 1983, and have taught special education in elementary, middle school and high school.  I joined East Lansing High School in January 1990 as a special education teacher. I took the opportunity for a change this year by becoming the Dean of Students, a new position at the high school.

This year we have a positive referral system, Trojan TURF (Trust, Unity, Respect, Fairness), and will be rewarding students with small incentives bi-weekly and larger ones quarterly.  We are hoping students will demonstrate these qualities in and around school on a regular basis and encourage others to do so as well.

Some of my responsibilities include working with students in grades 9-11 for behavior/discipline referrals.  I will also support classroom teachers with their needs/concerns, meet individually with students for any reason, talk to student athletes about the importance of keeping grades up as well as when and how to apply to the NCAA Clearinghouse if it is appropriate, attending athletic events, dances, performances, monitoring the halls and lunchroom and many other activities that will allow me to be involved with the students and advocate for them.

I am here to support students and staff in any way.  I believe high school should be fun while students continue to learn and make positive choices about their future.  Feel free to contact me with any concerns as I feel communication between the home and school are important.