In our continuing effort to be efficient, effective and transparent in the work of our Board in 2016, the East Lansing Board of Education has determined that the work of Board committees can generally be conducted in work-sessions when meeting as the Committee of the Whole. It is anticipated that the first Board work session of every month will be a meeting of the Committee of the Whole to address the work of the Academic & Technology Committee and the Finance Committee.  However, the experience of the past year in attempting to undertake the work of our committees in work sessions has made it clear that there is benefit to maintain the more formal committee structure to allow for meetings of a Board committee when issues arise that cannot be timely addressed in a Committee of the Whole setting.  




Board of Education

Academic & Technology

Erin Graham - Chair
Hillary Henderson
Yasmina Bouraoui


Kate Powers - Chair
Erin Graham
Nell Kuhnmuench


Kate Powers - Chair
Erin Graham
Nell Kuhnmuench

Intergovernmental Relations

Hillary Henderson - liaison
Yasmina Bouraoui - liaison


Nell Kuhnmuench - Chair
Karen Hoene
Kate Powers


Yasmina Bouraoui - Chair
Karen Hoene
Nichole Martin

Liason Assignments

District Parent Council - rotating schedule
ELEF - rotating schedule
ISOA - Nell Kuhnmuench